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“Photography is not selfish. Although it captures the moment, it doesn’t keep it. Photography gives back to the viewer the fraction of time which it once captured. Making it generous for years and even generations to come.” - Mickey Burrow


Photography is not a necessity or an obligation.  It is a keepsake. A way to capture moments in your life so you can remember and re-live the moments again and again.  Invest in these memories by allowing us to photograph them for you.  Pinky Promise Photography specializes in natural lighting photography.  This means our photo sessions are done outside using nature and developed structures as your backdrop.  We work with you to style your session so you get the most out of your photos.  Props can be provided for an additional fee but most clients bring their own set of props for their sessions.

Below are examples of each type of photography session:









Stylized Shoot

A little bit about these types of sessions:

  • Family - take place outside and the location varies based on the style you want (rural, urban, vintage, chic, etc.). 
  • Portraits - take place outside and focus on the individual.  Feel free to come up with cool and different ideas!  Always wanted to have your makeup and hair done, get dressed up and have professional photos done that show your unique style - casual, chic, funky - want to feel like a fashion model for a day?  Then this is the type of session for you.  Show off your beauty!
  • Headshot's - these sessions are for people who need professional images for their website, conference, bio, etc.  Pictures are taken outside using natural lighting as well as nature and developed structures as backgrounds.  If you have an office with lots of natural lighting and want your pictures taken there, we can do that as well.
  • Seniors - take place outside and focus on the soon-to-be graduate.  Makeup and hair services can be provided for an additional fee.  We do not have caps and gowns.
  • Boudoir - these are the only sessions that are always done inside using natural lighting from windows.  PPP has a boudoir studio located in Spring with a bed and couch layout. Professional hair and makeup services are available for an additional fee and can be provided on-location.  Upon request, boudoir photos can be taken at a hotel of client's choice with the understanding that the client is responsible for booking and all hotel cost, as well as making sure photographer is allowed to photograph at the location.
  • Events (other than weddings) - birthday parties, conferences, showers, etc.  There is a two hour minimum for events.  Images are given with minimal color correction and enhancement. Rate is $250 an hour per photographer.
  • Stylized shoot - have a neat idea you want to put together and have photographed?  Want us to help you bring your idea to life?  We can help you come together with a stylized shoot - it can showcase your creativity, your art (makeup artist, hair stylist, artist), your business and more.

All sessions except for events include an email style consultation, edited and enhanced images on a flash drive and an online viewing gallery that is linked to our professional printing labs.  This eliminates the "middle man" for friends and family who want pictures / prints from you since they can visit the gallery and purchase / download on their own.  It also allows you to print directly from us without having to upload your pictures to online services or having to take the flash drive to a print lab.  Our printing labs have worked with us to make our computers sync with their equipment. That means your print will match the digital image we have produced.

Please contact us for pricing.  Please note that we no longer include or sell raw images from sessions. Discounted makeup and hair services can be provided for an additional fee.