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Welcome to my office

February 01, 2016  •  3 Comments

I was told that I should blog my office, show our clients WHERE we do what we do. So here it is:

 When you look at this office, you probably think, wow someones organized! The funny part is i'm the one that isn't, but Cristina (Co Owner) is. For example, If you write us an email, Cristina will answer it, (quickly I might add) she's very detailed with everything, makes notes on the calendar.... She's on top of it all. I on the other hand, am not, I can come up with fun shoots, dream it all up! The creative one, most would say... I'm horrible at writing, sometimes speaking HAHA!  

There is SO much more than just taking pictures for a photography business. Yes booking clients, emailing, scouting locations, helping with clothing ideas, and booking the hair and make up appointments, doing a photo shoot, making people smile is the norm. Never did I think I would be blogging, working on the website, helping with the rebranding, keeping up with social media, meeting complete strangers for coffee, keeping up with finances, doing our business tax... Well I do have to say, I'm so thankful that I don't have to do the finances or taxes...

I wanted my office to look clean and open, fresh, organized, and not cluttered. 

Many many hours have been spent in this chair!  I never would have thought, back when I was 14 years old, when my dad built me a desk with shelves, that I would have it, and rely on it daily for my business. I have to say Im pretty lucky to have such handy men around me to this day. My husband has learned a thing or two from my dad. Most of my office are things they have made for me. I recently adding another coat of white paint to it, it looks brand new!  One of our sweetest Brides, gave Cristina and I a book about gratitude. It meant a lot to both of us. After starting a collection of vintage cameras, I had told my husband that some floating shelves would be a great place to showcase them off and also keep them safe from being knocked over. He accepted the challenge and made 3! 

So having a father that owns a local cabinet shop (Cabinets and More), with a couple free haircuts and a lot of hugs, I sometimes can convince him to build me something pretty. A few years back when I was booth renting, I had ran into many issues about storing products, hot irons, round brushes and clippers. So with his help, we were able to come up with this one of a kind cabinet on wheels. Measured perfectly to even the tallest bottle of hairspray! I wouldn't change a thing about it! Having 11 years in the hair industry, had worked in different salons, to now having my very own station in my house, it gives me the freedom to work when I want, whatever time I would like, as well as take as little or as many clients as I want to in a day. The flexibly works perfectly with co-owning PPP. As well as being able to style the clients hair at anytime. My boss is so cool ;)  I often have makeup artist over, glamming up our clients for a shoot. So having a High chair for the clients to sit in, so the makeup artist are hurting their backs, it comes in handy!

The Camera. The Computer. 


Thanks for coming over and taking a look into my life :) 


Roger Ybarra(non-registered)
So proud of you and your accomplishments Boo! Glad I could be a part of it and help where I can. Love you!!
LOOKS AWESOME!!! PS - your makeup artists are definitely thankful for that tall chair : )
It all looks so clean and grown up! Back when you were 14 who would have thought you would pull it all off. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments!!! Love you!!
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