Pinky Promise Photography | Henkel Hall Wedding in Brenham, Texas: Jo & Leslie

Henkel Hall Wedding in Brenham, Texas: Jo & Leslie

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The love in the room was palpable.  You could feel it in your core that this ceremony meant so much to everyone in the room.  We had only met Jo and Leslie once and we understood how they had so many friends in attendance.  These ladies are lovely and FUNNY!  We were so excited to photograph their big day.  Of course we are always excited to photograph weddings but we knew how much this ceremony meant for two people who couldn't get married until recently.

You see, Jo and Leslie met 30 years ago and were just NOW finally getting the opportunity to marry the love of their life.  30 years ago, folks weren't quite as accepting of their relationship.  And so they had to hide it - for YEARS.  Luckily, times have changed and the two recently went up to Connecticut to FINALLY get married and then decided to have their beautiful ceremony and reception in Brenham, Texas, surrounded by all of their loved ones.  I think Jo and Leslie's vows tell their story more eloquently than we could tell it so we've included it below.  Jo and Leslie - thank you for choosing us to capture the memories of your big day and for becoming fun friends!

"Thirty years ago in a park in Austin, Texas you asked me to marry you.  And I said absolutely!  Because some things you just know are meant to be. So we carved our names in the picnic table we were sitting at and started making plans for our new life together.  We were 23 and 28 years old! And because society would not recognize us because ours is not an ordinary love - and I have to agree - it is extraordinary!  But for this reason we had our own ceremony.  We went to Las Vegas - of all places.  It was cheap!  We were young and had nothing - and behind closed doors we made a promise to one another and to God to love, honor, cherish and respect one another for the rest of our days.  And those vows have served us well. But today, wow!  Today we stand here out in the open and ask these wonderful people to join us in this extraordinary love we have known all along. A privilege that we do not take lightly.  When I first met you those 30 years ago, I was attracted to your self confidence, your toughness, your ability to get things done.  Everything I was not and still strive to be.  Little did I know that I would be the privileged one to know the complete you.  To see the sides that you will not let anyone see.  The soft, scared, unsure, kindest most generous beautiful soul I have ever known.  So today when I make this promise it means so much more.  Not just because it is in the presence of all of our friends and family but because I know the whole you and I like you and am still very much in love with you.  So today I promise to continue to love, honor, cherish and respect you for the rest of our days on this Earth and beyond.  And I have to say the most wonderful part of all of this, is that we - Jo and I and all of you - live divided no more!  For that I am so very grateful!  Thank you!"-Leslie's Vow's

"I want to thank you for being such a loving and kind friend, partner and wife for 30 years.  Our experiences together over the years have enriched our relationship and formed a bond that is much bigger than us.  I promise to always hold sacred this incredible bond that we have been blessed with.  I promise to embrace all the changes we have experienced and those yet still to come.  I promise to respect your personal quiet time but know I will always be close by.  I promise to respect and encourage your ideas and beliefs even if they are different from mine.  I promise to take care of you even though I know you are really taking care of me.  I promise to encourage you to spread your wings and soar even when it sometimes scaresme.  I promise to always lift you up if you have falled.  I promise to continue to love you and respect you AND I promise to hold sacred these vows that we are now able to share with our friends and our family." -Jo's Vow's



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